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A few weeks ago we entered the Founders Jam game jam and came out in first place with our game Song Birds. The first place prize was an all expenses paid trip to IndieCade in Los Angeles courtesy of Clique Communications. Clique set us up in a mansion up in the Hollywood Hills with an amazing view of the city:


That weekend was incredibly helpful for us. Thanks to Clique and Game Colab we were able to meet representatives from Cartoon Network, Sony, and Occulus. There seemed to be some real interest in our little Game Jam game, so hopefully we’ll have something exciting to talk about soon. I can’t say how grateful we are to both Clique and Game Colab!

No matter what happens with the companies we met last weekend¬†we’re sold on the idea of Song Birds, and we’ll be developing it more in the coming weeks. We’re not sure exactly how it’s going to look as a finished project, but we’ll make sure to announce it when we have some concrete details. If you’re interested in the development follow us on twitter at @runnerupstudios for development updates!

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