Global Game Jam 2017

Marshall/ January 28, 2017/ Game Jams/ 0 comments


This last weekend the Runner-Up team participated in the Global Game Jam. This year’s theme was ‘Waves’ and so of course we ended up making a twin stick, co-op shooter about looting abandoned space stations. Oh yeah and the whole time you’re trying to outrun a supernova. And there’s DEFINITELY a wave, see?

That's a nice fucking wave...

We picked a project that may have been a little ambitious for us and our forty-eight hour time constraint, but I’m still happy with the finished product. You can check out the original submission here: NO KEYBOARD SUPPORT or check out the much nicer v1.1 with all the art and sound assets I didn’t have time to put in the final game here: GLORIOUS KEYBOARD SUPPORT. You can also check out the images below to get a better feel for the game. One of the screenshots is real and the other is simulated. Can you tell which is which?

In the end we learned a lot about ourselves and the difficulty of making a split screen co-op game in an engine that doesn’t support multiple cameras.


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