Finally Working Full-Time on Cryo!

Marshall/ November 22, 2017/ Cryo/ 0 comments

Hey everybody!

I have some exciting news to announce that I’ve already spoiled in the title. As of yesterday I am officially working full-time on our new game Cryo! In this post I’m going to talk about our game dev plans and give you an overview of Cryo.

Game Dev

Right now I’m working full-time on the new project and Keaton is working as close as he can to full-time while he juggles art school and a part-time job. Nik is still taking a full semester at ASU so he’ll be keeping more or less the same schedule as before.

On Sunday Keaton moved into my apartment, and now we’ve got a small home office set up in the living room. I even got a plant for my desk, but it doesn’t look quite as healthy right now as it did a couple days ago.

We put a bit too much furniture in one apartment so we’re still trying to sort that out.

I’ll be putting out development blogs whenever there’s something interesting to write about, but it will probably end up being a weekly release. We’re also discussing making video blogs and twitch streams so I’ll be sure to post once those are up and running.


Cryo is our new game that we’ve been working on part-time for the last couple of months. I don’t have any gameplay footage to show yet, so in true game dev fashion we’ve put together some quick mock-ups of where we’re headed with it!

Cryo is a co-op survival game set far in the future. You awaken from cryosleep in a derelict spaceship floating through an isolated region of space. Due to a malfunction, you’ve been revived decades after your scheduled time, and now you and the other survivors must scavenge the ship for supplies and defend yourselves from whatever else has taken up residence in your absence.


These are the main features we’re planning for the game:

  • Online and local co-op
  • Procedurally generated ships
  • A unique crafting and building system
  • Power and oxygen management
  • Multiple victory states

Of course these features are subject to change and this list is probably very incomplete, but I’ll be posting more specifics over the next couple of months. Cryo is also currently just our working title, but it might become the permanent name if we can’t come up with anything better.

Well that’s it for this first post. Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook if you want to talk! See you all next time!

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