Cryo Weekly Update #1

Marshall/ November 30, 2017/ Cryo

Hey everybody!

This is going to be the first of many weekly updates for the game. I’ll be posting these every Thursday because that’s exactly what today is.

I spent the last week working mostly on the lighting and multiplayer code, so there isn’t too much to show. I was able to start working on actual gameplay yesterday and today so I’ve got a juicy gif to share!

As you can see we’re still very early on in development, and there’s a healthy amount of programmer art in the game still. Speaking of art, Keaton has been hard at work animating the characters and drawing actual pictures for the game world. Here’s a couple samples:

Hopefully we’ll have a playable prototype by the next weekly update if I don’t get sidetracked too far. Thanks for reading, and you can follow us on social media if you want more insight into the game’s development!