Cryo Weekly Update #2

Marshall/ December 7, 2017/ Cryo

We’ve been humming along on Cryo for another week. The major gameplay pieces are starting to come together, and I’m eyeing an incredibly basic but playable version for next week! I made a quick video showcasing the game in its current state below.

In other news we fond some old gift cards for Fry’s electronics that we won in our very first game jam. We’re finally going to use them more than four years later to buy some recording equipment for making sound effects. I wish I had some footage for the game we made for that jam, but unfortunately we didn’t save anything from it online. I might be able to find it on an old laptop if I go digging, but I don’t need more distractions!

Thanks for checking in with us again this week! If you want more updates on the game or if you want to get in contact with us then social media is your golden ticket. You should be able to find all the links at the bottom of the site. See you next week!