Weekly Update #8 – Gas!

Marshall/ January 20, 2018/ Cryo

Welcome back to update #8 everyone!

It’s been another productive week here at Runner-Up Studios.  I spent some time improving the inventory and fixing some issues with the energy system. I also started prototyping a gas geyser and gas collector!

An exclusive sneak peek at my programmer art!

In the current design, gas will function as a secondary and rarer resource for research and building. If you find a room with a gas geyser in it, you’ll be able to construct a gas collector on top of it to harvest that precious vespene gas!

In other exciting news, we’ve started work on a teaser trailer. Keaton and Nik are doing most of the heavy lifting, and it should serve as a neat way to establish the setting and mood not only for people interested in the game, but also for ourselves.

I got the idea from an interview with Campo Santo, the creators of Firewatch and their upcoming title In the Valley of Gods. In the interview Campo Santo said they use their initial teaser trailer to help establish the feel of the game. It’s a foundation they can revisit as they’re developing a game, and it helps maintain a consistent tone. Since a lot the ideas we have for Cryo are focused around mechanics and gameplay, I thought it could be useful to help flesh out the feel of the game. We’ll keep you updated as that progresses!

Thanks for checking in with us, and I’ll see you all again next Saturday!