Weekly Update #9 – Research

Marshall/ February 3, 2018/ Cryo, Game Jams

Hi everybody!

You haven’t heard from me for two weeks, and I feel very bad about that. I was wrapped up in the 2018 global game jam and forgot all about making the blog post until it was too late. The silver lining is that I had a lot of fun at the GGJ and actually improved my Lua module skills in the process!

I worked with some non-Runner-Up friends (@McGregorCrowley)  to make a local co-op game called Hell’s Kitchen.

In Hell’s Kitchen two players run a restaurant located over a portal to hell. One player dives into the portal and fights hell beasts while the other player cooks them up to fill customer orders.

The project ended up being a little too big for us, and the final product was a little rough. It was still a lot of fun to work on and I think the game ended up being fun to play.

In Cryo news, I’ve been working on a research station and been improving world generation. The research station is a building that allows players to research new technologies.

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing the layout and look of the ship, so you can expect to see some more interesting screenshots in the coming weeks. For now here’s a screenshot of the updated room size.

That’s all for us this week; thanks for checking in with us again. We’ll see you next Saturday for some new development updates!