Weekly Update #10 – The Ship

Marshall/ February 10, 2018/ Cryo

We’ve finally made it! The big 1-0! We’re celebrating ten weeks (if you don’t count the week we missed) of Cryo development updates!

We made some really good progress this week. On my end I added a new structure for crafting tools, and I finally started working on generating a more interesting map! Keaton started work on some different tile sets to change up the feel of the game.

The fabricator is very simple (and ugly) right now, and it pretty much works as you would expect. You put resources in, and tools pop out!


I’ve been trying to figure out how to randomly generate a level that is both fun to play and vaguely resembles the outlines of spaceship. Most games with procedurally generated maps free themselves of constraints by placing their game in an underground dungeon or something similar where the player has little expectation of how it should look.

In Cryo we want the the maps to look like an actual ship, and that makes the procedural generation a bit harder. At the moment I have a very simple system that results in a relatively consistent ship that can face in any cardinal direction. This is obviously a bit boring and will be dramatically improved in the coming months.

And finally we have a teaser for some of the new background art Keaton has been working on. Feast your eyes on some new interiors!

That’s all the updates we have for you this week. In other news both Keaton and I have started streaming our development. You can check out our channels here:

Marshall: https://www.twitch.tv/solorubix

Keaton: https://www.twitch.tv/keadun

Our streaming schedules are a bit inconsistent, so you’re best bet is to follow us and you’ll get a notification when we go live!

Thanks for sticking with us as we crawl our way through this derelict spaceship that is game development. We’ll be back next Saturday with another update!