Weekly Update #12 – Wandering

Marshall/ February 24, 2018/ Cryo

Welcome back to week #12!

We’re finally bringing the ship to life with actual AI controlled creatures! Here we have an example enemy I lovingly called Bitey taking a stroll through its domain.

As you can see it doesn’t take an optimal route just yet, so I’ll need to fix path smoothing next week.

In order to get the above example working I had to create my own behavior tree AI system which turned out to be surprisingly simple. If I can come up with a fun way to explain it I may even make a video about it!

Keaton has been working on different sample rooms for a teaser trailer we’ve been working on. We’ve been doubling down our efforts on this because this week we received some exciting news. In 2016 we were among the subjects of a documentary called Game Jam: The Movie, and that movie is finally being released on Steam soon!

We don’t have an official announcement on when that will happen, but we’ll be sure to let everybody know when it’s available.

Thanks again for sticking with us through the last 12 weeks, and we’ll see you all next weekend with some new updates!