Weekly Update #14 – The End

Marshall/ March 10, 2018/ Cryo

Hi everybody!

Sorry for the ominous title this week, but it pretty accurately describes what I’ve been working on. I spent some time improving player death so now you drop all items and respawn at the nearest cryostasis chamber when you run out of health.

I also started working on a simple game over system. Ideally this should have been one of the first things I added to the game, but at least you can finally win! It still needs a lot of work before it becomes fun to play, but at least we’re finally seeing the structure of a real game coming together!

The rest of the team has been working on our teaser trailer, and we’re hoping to get it out soon because the documentary we’re in, Game Jam the Movie, comes out this week! I’ll put up a special blog post when the trailer is done to let everybody know!

Well that’s it for us this week. On behalf of everybody at Runner-Up Studios thanks for sticking with us! See you next Saturday!