Weekly Update #16 – Plague

Marshall/ March 26, 2018/ Cryo

Hi all!

First off I want to apologize for tardiness of this update. Ok now that you’ve forgiven me I have some bad news: I didn’t go to GDC last week. In fact I didn’t really do anything last week.

So what happened? Did I get too anxious about attending GDC for the first time? Did I have a life-changing experience and swear off game development forever? Or did I spend the week under a pile of blankets like some sort of plague caterpillar?

If you chose anything other than C, I’m sorry but this story isn’t as exciting as you hoped. The morning of my flight I woke up with a fever and spent the last six days recovering from the flu. I’m really bummed out that I missed my first shot at attending GDC, but it will still be there next year. I’m not going to let this one setback prevent Runner-Up from making its best game and releasing it on Steam.

So I’m back at work this week, and we’ll keep you updated as usual for the foreseeable future. Thanks for sticking with us!