Weekly Update #18 – Tasks

Marshall/ April 7, 2018/ Cryo

Hey all!

Another week of Cryo development is complete and in the rear view mirror, but what did we actually do? Sometimes I have to ask myself that question at the end of a workday because progress can be slow. It’s been easier to answer that ever since I started using a system to plan and track tasks.

Here’s a list of the tasks I completed this week:

Completed Tasks

  • Finish Large Rooms in Map Generation
  • Unique Zone Tilesets
  • Repair Tool
  • Update/Rework Power System
  • Communications Console Functionality
  • Fix Player Diagonal Movement Speed

Partially Completed Tasks

  • Room Layouts
  • Better Structure Building
  • Structure Select Screen

S now you have a glimpse into how I actually break down tasks for a week of development. Of course that list is missing lots of little bug fixes and improvements that didn’t seem worthy of writing down. In the process of writing all these tasks out and logging my work hours on them, I’ve learned that I’m very bad at estimating development time.

For instance the task “Finish Large Rooms in Map Generation” was slated to just take one hour to complete, but it ended up taking three hours of work. I do think I’m slowly getting better at estimating my actual development speed though.

Well that’s it for us this week. Thanks for checking in with us again, and we’ll see you next Saturday!

– Marshall