Weekly Update #21 – Still Chipping Away

Marshall/ April 28, 2018/ Cryo

Hey everybody!

We’re back with our progress at the end of week twenty-one!

After two and a half weeks of slogging through lighting code, I’ve put some of the more difficult pieces on the back burner and integrated what’s done. One of the big updates is shadows that mirror the shape of the actual object casting the shadow.

Ok that one is actually still just a box. This one looks better now though!

If you compare these screenshots to previous images we’ve posted you’ll notice that the player’s glow light actually lights up the wall behind him. That’s because both lights and shadow objects are 3D now!

Now with the ever-aggravating lighting monster back in its cage, I’m free to turn my attention back to gameplay. With any luck we’ll have people demoing Cryo next month! If you’d like to be put on the beta tester list just shoot us an email at contact@runnerupstudios.com and we’ll mark you down.

As always thanks again for checking in with us and we’ll see you next Saturday!