Weekly Update #23 – Even More Map Generation

Marshall/ May 12, 2018/ Cryo

Hey everyone!

We made some really great progress this week, but unfortunately most of it isn’t the kind of progress that looks nice in a blog post. I updated the ship generation to (kind of) intelligently place doors around the ship, include hallways to connect zones, and handle placing unique rooms in random or predetermined spots!

Unfortunately it’s still not pretty to look at, and a screen shot wouldn’t even convey the updates very well so you’ll all just have to wait on that.

Every week we scoot closer to that alluring public demo, and that’s what has really been driving us forward. We can’t wait to start sharing our work with people and getting feedback, so if you’re interested in testing the demo shoot us an email at contact@runnerupstudios.com!

Thanks again for checking in with us this week, and we’ll see you all next Saturday!