Weekly Update #27 – The Planning Fallacy

Marshall/ June 9, 2018/ Cryo

This week was probably our most productive week to date, and that’s something worth celebrating! We knocked out a ton of features, and Cryo is looking better by the day. The only thing we did poorly this week was our planning. It’s still very hard to estimate the time it takes to complete features.

I also found out this week that I’m not alone in being bad at planning out my work schedule. I coincidentally listened to an episode of Freakonomics about The Planning Fallacy, and it turns out people in general are very optimistic about the time it takes them to finish tasks. So now I think I may just start adding an additional 30% estimated time to every job I plan just to be safe. Maybe I’ll make it 50%.

Here’s some screenshots of some work we accomplished this week:

I even made a rudimentary room editor to build rooms!

That’s about it for us this week, but thanks for checking in with us. See you all next Saturday!