Development Update #29 – Playtesting

Marshall/ June 30, 2018/ Cryo

Hey everybody!

Welcome to the first installment of our biweekly blog. It’s the same blog as before, but now I can be twice as lazy!

This week was really important for us because we finally were able to send out some demo copies of the game for testing and feedback. A lot of the game systems are in place, but it’s lacking content. As a result the goal of our testing was to evaluate the core game loop and see how readily people understand those basic systems.

So far the reception has been good, and it assuaged some of my fear that we had spent the last seven months developing something only I would enjoy. It also opened up a lot of really good brainstorming opportunities about future content, and it helped clarify some decisions we’d been going back and forth on.

We’re definitely not ready to release the game in its current state to a large number of people, so I made a quick time lapse showing the first few minutes of gameplay:

We still have a long way to go, but we’re feeling very optimistic at this point! Thanks for sticking with us, and we’ll see you all in the next update!