Development Update #30 – Split Screen Co-op!

Marshall/ July 14, 2018/ Cryo

Hey everybody!

Next week we’re excited to be demoing Cryo for the first time at a local game developers meetup! In preparation we’ve been working on adding both controller support and split screen co-op to the game. You can see where we are at the moment here:

Make sure the turn HD on for the video if you want to see the game in all its glory!

These changes took a surprising amount of work because an embarrassingly large chunk of the game was hard coded for a single player. I’m still digging through all of that code and fixing it, but the game is already playable and it’s been fun to try the game multiplayer again. The last time we could do that was when we had an online multiplayer build of the game, and I’m hoping in the next few months we’ll be able to focus on the online component of the game again!

We’ve also been working hard on tweaking the early gameplay and developing end game content so hopefully soon a full play through will be possible.

Thanks for checking in with us again, and we’ll see you all in two weeks!