Announcing Monster Vault – Our New Project

Marshall/ April 8, 2020/ Monster Vault

Hey all!

If you were wondering where the Runner-Up team has been recently, then maybe you should have taken time out of your schedule to actually call once in a while.
I’m happy to announce we’ve been working hard on a new project called Monster Vault!

Monster Vault is a dungeon crawling rogue-like auto-battler. In it you’ll delve into the heart of the Monster Vault battling and capturing creatures to build your army. You’ll deploy your monsters tactically to gain the upper hand, and then watch the battle play out!

Most of the art is still placeholder at the moment, but as soon as we have something more visual to show we’ll put it up here!

We’re still looking for beta testers if you’re interested. Shoot me a message at or find me on twitter and I’ll get you an invite link!