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Weekly Update #28 – Switching to Biweekly Blog Posts

Marshall/ June 16, 2018/ Cryo

Hey everybody! Like it says in the title, we’re switching to a biweekly blog post structure. And because biweekly is a completely useless word, I have to specify that we’ll be posting every two weeks. Posting every two weeks will save us from having to write blog posts like this one where all I can say is that nothing notable

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Weekly Update #27 – The Planning Fallacy

Marshall/ June 9, 2018/ Cryo

This week was probably our most productive week to date, and that’s something worth celebrating! We knocked out a ton of features, and Cryo is looking better by the day. The only thing we did poorly this week was our planning. It’s still very hard to estimate the time it takes to complete features. I also found out this week

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Weekly Update #26 – Getting Demo Ready

Marshall/ June 2, 2018/ Cryo

Hello everyone! We’ve been trying to put together a single-player demo for Cryo for a while now, and this week was our target. Unfortunately we didn’t quite make it. There’s a saying in game dev that goes “The last 20% is 80% of the work”, and it definitely feels that way. I think the issue is that it’s hard to

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Weekly Update #25 – 3D Is Hard to Fake

Marshall/ May 26, 2018/ Cryo

Hey everybody! Welcome back to another exciting edition of “maybe we should have used a 3D engine for this!” This week I added in some furniture to make the rooms look less empty, but I opened up a can of worms by doing so. Up until this point objects haven’t really had any height to them and have been anchored

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Weekly Update #24 – X-Ray Tech

Marshall/ May 19, 2018/ Cryo

Hey all! We had another week of great progress, and parts of the game are shaping up and starting to look like… well starting to look like a game! One of the big improvements I was able to implement this week was the ability to see objects behind walls. Check out the gif below for an example. We also were

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Weekly Update #23 – Even More Map Generation

Marshall/ May 12, 2018/ Cryo

Hey everyone! We made some really great progress this week, but unfortunately most of it isn’t the kind of progress that looks nice in a blog post. I updated the ship generation to (kind of) intelligently place doors around the ship, include hallways to connect zones, and handle placing unique rooms in random or predetermined spots! Unfortunately it’s still not

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Weekly Update #21 – Still Chipping Away

Marshall/ April 28, 2018/ Cryo

Hey everybody! We’re back with our progress at the end of week twenty-one! After two and a half weeks of slogging through lighting code, I’ve put some of the more difficult pieces on the back burner and integrated what’s done. One of the big updates is shadows that mirror the shape of the actual object casting the shadow. Ok that

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Weekly Update #20 – Difficult Dimensions

Marshall/ April 21, 2018/ Cryo

Hey everyone! Every day that goes by I understand more and more why people choose to make 2D games in a 3D engine. Most 2D games actually end up faking three dimensions in some way, and that can get complex really fast. Last week I posted some gifs showing off some new lighting features, but for the sake of explanation

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Weekly Update #19 – More Lights!

Marshall/ April 14, 2018/ Cryo

Hi all! This week I realized that the lighting finally needed another update. The current version was preventing us from putting anything usable on the walls, so it was time for me to dive back into my lighting library. I’m still in the midst of adding new features and improvements, but it now supports 3D shapes and height! This is

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Weekly Update #18 – Tasks

Marshall/ April 7, 2018/ Cryo

Hey all! Another week of Cryo development is complete and in the rear view mirror, but what did we actually do? Sometimes I have to ask myself that question at the end of a workday because progress can be slow. It’s been easier to answer that ever since I started using a system to plan and track tasks. Here’s a

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