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Weekly Update #19 – More Lights!

Marshall/ April 14, 2018/ Cryo

Hi all! This week I realized that the lighting finally needed another update. The current version was preventing us from putting anything usable on the walls, so it was time for me to dive back into my lighting library. I’m still in the midst of adding new features and improvements, but it now supports 3D shapes and height! This is

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Weekly Update #18 – Tasks

Marshall/ April 7, 2018/ Cryo

Hey all! Another week of Cryo development is complete and in the rear view mirror, but what did we actually do? Sometimes I have to ask myself that question at the end of a workday because progress can be slow. It’s been easier to answer that ever since I started using a system to plan and track tasks. Here’s a

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Weekly Update #17 – Reworks

Marshall/ March 31, 2018/ Cryo

Hey everybody! I was working alone all week since Keaton was out of town on a trip, so I decided to get some boring programming tasks out of the way. As a result I won’t have any cool gifs or new art to show off in this blog post. I swapped out the old collision library for a much faster

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Weekly Update #16 – Plague

Marshall/ March 26, 2018/ Cryo

Hi all! First off I want to apologize for tardiness of this update. Ok now that you’ve forgiven me I have some bad news: I didn’t go to GDC last week. In fact I didn’t really do anything last week. So what happened? Did I get too anxious about attending GDC for the first time? Did I have a life-changing

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Weekly Update #15 – Promo Page

Marshall/ March 17, 2018/ Cryo

Hey everybody! There’s a good chance if you’re reading this blog post that you’ve already seen the new promo page over at We spent most of the week working on that page so there wasn’t much progress on the game itself, and we only have a few days before I leave for GDC so it there’s going to be

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New Cryo Page

Marshall/ March 15, 2018/ Cryo

Hey everybody! Exciting news! We’ve finally finished putting together a new promotional page for Cryo! Check it out HERE. Also check out one of the new gifs from it! I’ll see you all on Saturday for the next weekly update!

Weekly Update #14 – The End

Marshall/ March 10, 2018/ Cryo

Hi everybody! Sorry for the ominous title this week, but it pretty accurately describes what I’ve been working on. I spent some time improving player death so now you drop all items and respawn at the nearest cryostasis chamber when you run out of health. I also started working on a simple game over system. Ideally this should have been

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Weekly Update #13 – Improvement

Marshall/ March 3, 2018/ Cryo

Hey paesanos, welcome back to week 13! This week we spent time working on lots of small improvements for the game. I updated the physics, lighting, controls, fixed bugs, and added some small features. One of them is destructible buildings! And of course we’re still plugging away at the teaser trailer which we’re excited to show off once it’s finished.

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Weekly Update #12 – Wandering

Marshall/ February 24, 2018/ Cryo

Welcome back to week #12! We’re finally bringing the ship to life with actual AI controlled creatures! Here we have an example enemy I lovingly called Bitey taking a stroll through its domain. As you can see it doesn’t take an optimal route just yet, so I’ll need to fix path smoothing next week. In order to get the above

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Weekly Update #11

Marshall/ February 17, 2018/ Cryo

Welcome back to week #11! It was a slow week here at Runner-Up as we worked on some less flashy components of the game. I spent some time working on the simple physics system we used, and Keaton continued to churn out backgrounds for various rooms in the ship. In other news, I’ll be at GDC this year if anybody

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