Monster Vault

Monster Vault is a dungeon crawling rogue-like auto-battler. Delve into the heart of the Monster Vault battling and capturing creatures to build your army. Deploy your monsters tactically to gain the upper hand, then watch the battle play out!


Cryo is an unforgiving survival game set aboard a derelict spaceship. You’ll scavenge and fight your way through thousands of procedurally generated ships fighting aliens, collecting new tech, and building out your base.

Shockwave Supernova

Our entry for the Global Game Jam 2017. Loot abandoned space stations with your friend in this two player split screen co-op game! This is an updated version with keyboard support and some graphics that I didn’t get a chance to implement during the jam. If you want to play the version we submitted at the jam you can find that here.

bg-songbirds-mainSong Birds

Our entry for the UAT Founder’s Jam sponsored by Clique. We won first place with this one! A co-op rhythm game for two players.

safagdfsagdEdible Arrangements

Our entry for the Global Game Jam 2016. Help Brandy the Tiki man put the right animals in the right pens before time runs out. A co-op game where one player uses the keyboard and the other player uses their smart phone.

cover_2Chimp Trip

Our entry for the Global Game Jam 2014. Help Brandy the Chimp navigate a hallucinogenic journey through time and space by changing colors to avoid different threats.