Weekly Update #14 – The End

Marshall/ March 10, 2018/ Cryo

Hi everybody! Sorry for the ominous title this week, but it pretty accurately describes what I’ve been working on. I spent some time improving player death so now you drop all items and respawn at the nearest cryostasis chamber when you run out of health. I also started working on a simple game over system. Ideally this should have been

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Weekly Update #13 – Improvement

Marshall/ March 3, 2018/ Cryo

Hey paesanos, welcome back to week 13! This week we spent time working on lots of small improvements for the game. I updated the physics, lighting, controls, fixed bugs, and added some small features. One of them is destructible buildings! And of course we’re still plugging away at the teaser trailer which we’re excited to show off once it’s finished.

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Weekly Update #12 – Wandering

Marshall/ February 24, 2018/ Cryo

Welcome back to week #12! We’re finally bringing the ship to life with actual AI controlled creatures! Here we have an example enemy I lovingly called Bitey taking a stroll through its domain. As you can see it doesn’t take an optimal route just yet, so I’ll need to fix path smoothing next week. In order to get the above

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Weekly Update #11

Marshall/ February 17, 2018/ Cryo

Welcome back to week #11! It was a slow week here at Runner-Up as we worked on some less flashy components of the game. I spent some time working on the simple physics system we used, and Keaton continued to churn out backgrounds for various rooms in the ship. In other news, I’ll be at GDC this year if anybody

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Weekly Update #10 – The Ship

Marshall/ February 10, 2018/ Cryo

We’ve finally made it! The big 1-0! We’re celebrating ten weeks (if you don’t count the week we missed) of Cryo development updates! We made some really good progress this week. On my end I added a new structure for crafting tools, and I finally started working on generating a more interesting map! Keaton started work on some different tile

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Weekly Update #9 – Research

Marshall/ February 3, 2018/ Cryo, Game Jams

Hi everybody! You haven’t heard from me for two weeks, and I feel very bad about that. I was wrapped up in the 2018 global game jam and forgot all about making the blog post until it was too late. The silver lining is that I had a lot of fun at the GGJ and actually improved my Lua module

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Weekly Update #8 – Gas!

Marshall/ January 20, 2018/ Cryo

Welcome back to update #8 everyone! It’s been another productive week here at Runner-Up Studios.  I spent some time improving the inventory and fixing some issues with the energy system. I also started prototyping a gas geyser and gas collector! An exclusive sneak peek at my programmer art! In the current design, gas will function as a secondary and rarer

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Weekly Update #7 – Combat

Marshall/ January 13, 2018/ Cryo

Hello everybody! This week we spent some time improving the inventory and adding some combat to the game. Keaton has also been hard at work establishing the look and feel of the creepy crawlies aboard the spaceship. The combat in Cryo is scrappy and you’re going to have to rely on a lot of makeshift weapons. Here’s a gif of

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Weekly Update #6 – Pathfinding

Marshall/ January 6, 2018/ Cryo

Hello everybody! Happy New Years! This week was another holiday week with New Year’s celebrations, but we managed to make some headway into enemies. I spent most of the week working with AI Behavior trees and pathfinding, and I’m planning on making videos on both of those topics soon. Right now I’m using the very simple A* method of pathfinding.

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Cryo Weekly Update #5 – Happy Holidays

Marshall/ December 30, 2017/ Cryo

Happy holidays from the Runner-Up Crew! We had a short work week due to some holiday plans, but we spent the last few days fixing multiplayer bugs and starting in on our first set of enemies! We also got some new art in for structures, check it out! This is our last blog post of 2017, and even though we’ve

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